Infrared Sauna

Strengthen your immune system, Detoxify your body, control weight and many more benefits this service will bring. Why Choose Infrared? As opposed to steam saunas, which heat the body with a moist heat, infrared works by heating the body directly with dry heat.

1 Session $65 for 45 Mins (1 Person)
1 Session $85 for 45 Mins (2 People)

Buy 3 (For 1) $165

Buy 3 (For 2) $225

Buy 10 (For 1) $450

Buy 10 (For 2) $650

We supply an icy cold water with electrolytes for extra hydration, fresh towels , icy cold face towel , take home dry brush and a choice of our beautiful Pure Fiji hair and body products for use after your sauna session.

Sauna Sessions

When you take an infrared sauna regularly, we are confident you will begin to feel better, and perform better. You’ll go to sleep relaxed, and wake up refreshed. You’ll feel clarity in your mind and feel better in your body.

Offering you a private room, SOJO invites you to take some time out and make your sauna session the best part of your day.


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Pain Relief

Pain relief is the number one reason our clients choose our saunas. Pain... from a physical accident that was never given the time to heal properly OR from chronic inflammation. Here are some recommendations to help ease joints, reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

Pain Relief Sauna Session
• 45 – 55 degrees
• 30 – 45 minutes
• 1 - 1.5 litres of water
• The closer you are to the heaters the deeper the heat can penetrate. So get comfy, nice and close to the heaters – use a backrest to separate you if you find the heaters too warm.


Sleep dictates how our entire body functions. Good quality sleep consolidates our memory, repairs muscle, improves motor function and removes plaque from the brain. But for many, a good night rest is a luxury. Let's fix that.

Sauna Session for Quality Sleeping
• 5 degrees less than your normal session
• 5-10 minutes longer than normal
• Choose the last session of the day
• 1 - 1.15 litres of water

Weight Management

Weight management is such a charged topic. Let's not overthink it. We need to work the body. We need to change our mindset. We need to take action. Let's get to it

Sauna Session for Weight Management
• 55 - 60 degrees
• 20-30 minutes depending upon comfort levels. We want the body to be working!
• 1-1.5 litres of water


A body burdened with toxins leaves us feeling sluggish and sick. Quite often, symptoms of ill health can be traced back to too many toxins, chemicals and heavy metals in the system. Infrared sauna is one of the most efficient ways to detox the body. Use this session to rid the body of toxins.

Sauna Session for Detoxing
• 45 - 55 degrees. The key is to stick within this temperature range, even if you feel like you can go hotter.
• 30 - 40 minutes depending upon comfort levels. We want the body to be working!
• 1-1.5 litres of water


Booked the couples indulgence for my partners birthday. It was a great experience, and we both came out so relaxed, happy and feeling amazing. Everybody was so lovely and Indi and Sienna were our Beauty Therapists, and we will definitely come back again for a treat with them. Atmosphere in the room was great, they were super professional and the products that were used were fantastic. Thank you for making this day special.
Kat A
I went & had a relaxing 1hr massage & Vit C Facial with a hot oil head massage with Indi yesterday, having been in the beauty industry for 30yrs in Sydney, I am fussy, but it didn’t disappoint, Indi was on time & very Professional, my beauty room was very warm & comfortable, very clean, after the treatments, I was given the option of having a shower, also in the treatment room, which I loved, there was no road noise, being on Pacific Hwy I thought there might have been, I wasn’t rushed after the treatment & it was a nice touch to be giving herbal tea before & after(with Chocolate), I normal go to sydney for treatments as I can’t find a salon that satisfies in Newcastle, but I will definitely be returning to this salon, thank you Indi for looking after me so beautifully 🙏
Michelle M
My Bestie and I had the most Amazing experience with the 3hr Delicious Duet Couples package for her Birthday. Carmel and Staff were so lovely and accommodating that we did not want to leave. The atmosphere was so relaxing and the treatments were unbelievable. We left feeling rejuvinated and our skin feeling soft and silky. We will definitely be making this a regular thing. Thank you to everyone at SOJO Spa and Wellness
When i tell you this was the most incredible day spa i have been to, i’m not lying! I booked in a pure indulgence treatment, grazing platter and spa for myself and my mum. We had the most INCREDIBLE experience! Beautiful venue, extremely polite staff and overall enjoyable time. 11/10!!
Bella F
I had my first treatment today at Sojo with the beautiful Indi and it completely exceeded my expectations. I felt like I was floating in the clouds after the 3hr Pamper package I received. The space itself is perfection, Indi did an incredible job for my massage, facial and pedicure and the glass of bubbles and cupcake treat were the icing on the cake. A beautiful space with exceptional staff. Can't rate Sojo highly enough and can't wait to go back. Thank you so much
Jayde T